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Terrible Portrait Games

These games can turn any gathering into a memorable event filled with creativity and laughter. Enjoy the fun and embrace the art of terrible portraits!

Terrible Portrait Challenge

Number of Players: 4

How to Play: Each participant must create a portrait of the other three friends and a self-portrait. The portraits can be as realistic or as abstract as desired.

Objective: The ultimate aim is to see who can produce the best, most creative, most expressive, and most wonderfully terrible pieces of art.

Portrait Pictionary

How to Play: Divide into teams. One person draws a terrible portrait of a famous person, character, or a team member while their team tries to guess who it is within a time limit.

Objective: The team with the most correct guesses wins.

Origami Portraits

How to Play: Each player starts a portrait by drawing the head and folds the paper to hide it, leaving just the neck visible. The paper is passed to the next person to draw the torso without seeing the head, and then passed again for someone to draw the legs.

Objective: Unfold the paper to reveal hilariously mismatched and terrible portraits.

Speed Portrait Drawing

How to Play: Set a timer for 1-2 minutes. Players must draw a portrait of another player within the time limit. After the timer goes off, everyone reveals their rapid creations.

Objective: Enjoy the frantic and funny results. Award prizes for categories like “Fastest Hands,” “Most Abstract,” or “Silliest Expression.”

Self-Portrait Challenge

How to Play: Everyone draws a self-portrait with their non-dominant hand. Display the portraits and vote on categories like “Most Hilarious,” “Most Creative,” and “Most Unrecognizable.”

Objective: Have fun seeing how everyone interprets themselves and celebrate the most entertaining results.

Portrait Telephone

How to Play: Similar to the game of Telephone, one player draws a portrait of someone and passes it to the next person, who tries to recreate it from memory without looking at the original. This continues through all players.

Objective: Compare the final portrait with the original to see how hilariously different it has become.

Random Portrait Generator

How to Play: Write down different facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) and characteristics (angry, happy, surprised) on separate slips of paper. Draw slips at random and create a portrait based on the combination of features and expressions.

Objective: Compare results for the most bizarre and hilarious portraits.